Nicholas N. Kittrie, KOStJ, SJD, LLM

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Title: Professor
Company:  American University
Location:  Washington, DC, United States

Nicholas N. Kittrie, KOStJ, SJD, LLM been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Lawyers for dedication, achievements, and leadership in the legal profession.

Highly respected as an expert in American and international public and criminal law, Dr. Kittrie brings with him more than 70 years of experience. During his career, he has been afforded the opportunity to impact his field on a large scale through his noteworthy work as the former president of the American Society of Criminology, former dean of the Washington College of Law and chair of the United National Alliance of NGOs on crime prevention and criminal justice. Today, he finds success as a Mooers Scholar and Professor of Law for the Washington College of Law at American University. In addition, he teaches criminal and comparative law at the university. When asked of his success, Dr. Kittrie shares that his accomplishments are a product of hard work and a true passion for his field. Notably in his tenure, Dr. Kittrie was invited to participate as the lead speaker in the 75-Year Memorial Ceremonies held in Sobibor, Poland, by the Polish deputy prime minister. The event honored the leaders of World War II’s only successful prisoner-of-war rebellion and escape from the infamous Nazi Germany concentration camp in occupied Poland. In addition, the new faculty lounge at the Washington College of Law at American University was dedicated and named “The Nicholas N. Kittrie Faculty Lounge.” Dr. Kittrie is the author and editor of over fifteen books and numerous articles. He frequently appears in mass media to deal with topics such as political offenders, terrorist activities, war crimes, drugs and alcohol, extradition, penology and criminal sentencing.

Dr. Kittrie prepared his illustrious career by first investing his efforts into his education. His academic achievements include an LLB from the University of Kansas, a Master of Arts from the University of Kansas, an LLM from Georgetown University and an SJD from Georgetown University. In addition, he has continued his education at prominent universities around the world including the University of Cairo, the University of London and the University of Chicago. To share his expertise in his field, Dr. Kittrie has been a visiting lecturer at such institutions as the Salzburg Law School, the London School of Economics, and the University of Ottawa. He has also impacted his industry through roles as a consultant to the U.S. Vice President’s Commission to Combat Terrorism, a senior fellow for the National Institute of Justice, director for the Institute for Law and Mass Media and AIDP representative for the United National’s social and economic council. In recognition of his professional excellence, Dr. Kittrie was inducted into the Founder’s Circle at The Georgetown University Law Center and received an “Outstanding Career Alumni Award” from the University of Kansas School of Law. Dr. Kittrie was named one of the “2,000 Outstanding Scholars of the 20th Century,” by the International Biographical Centre in Cambridge, England and he was distinguished as a senior fellow of the National Endowment of the Humanities. As he looks ahead to the future, Dr. Kittrie intends to continue in his incredible work in his field while seeking new opportunities to make an impact in his industry.

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