Arthur Raphael Miller

Arthur Miller

Title: University Professor
Company:  New York University School of Law
Location:  New York, New York, United States

Arthur Raphael Miller, University Professor at New York University School of Law, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Lawyers for dedication, achievements, and leadership in higher education.

An award-winning academic professional in the field of law, Prof. Miller has found success in his career by following two guiding principles. The first is understanding his audience. Throughout his career, he has held many roles as a university professor, contributing writer to legal texts and member on multiple boards and committees. “You have to adjust to the way you communicate and make sure it is tailored to the people you are speaking to,” he says, adding that by taking this approach to the many opportunities he has had in his career it has benefited his professional growth immensely. The second principle that has been influential on his accomplishments is to not over-complicate anything. By keeping things simple, Prof. Miller has been able to remain focused on his goals and work toward them with dedication and passion.

Today, Prof. Miller finds success as a university professor for New York University School of Law. He came to this position in 2007 after having already amassed over four decades of experience in academia. Noteworthy roles held in his career include Bruce Bromley professor of law at Harvard University, professor at the University of Michigan Law School, associate professor at the University of Minnesota Law School and lecturer at Columbia Law School. Outside of his work as a professor, Prof. Miller has been involved in the field of law as a member of the board of overseers at the Rand Institute on Civil Justice, member of the advisory committee on civil rules for the Supreme Court of the United States, member of the board of directors for the Research Foundation on Complex Litigations, member of the commission on new technological uses of copywritten works, member of the committee on automated personal data systems for the Department of Health and member of the advisory group for a project on computer data banks for the National Academy of Sciences. Prof. Miller is recognized as a regular contributor to “Federal Practice and Procedure: Civil Procedure Cases and Materials.” He also authored the “The Assault on Privacy: Computers, Data Banks and Dossiers.”

Prof. Miller’s career achievements are supported by his education. He holds an LLB from Harvard University and a Bachelor of Arts in history from the University of Rochester. He is permitted to practice law in the states of Massachusetts and New York, as well as in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. As he looks ahead to the future, Prof. Miller intends to work toward continued success in his field while taking on new opportunities to share his expertise.

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